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Air Springs and Air Shock Absorbers from ITT Enidine

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Air Springs (Air Shock Absorbers)

ITT Enidine Inc. Air Springs are highly durable, precisely engineered and cost-effective for use in a wide variety of actuation and vibration isolation applications. With time-tested designs incorporating fabric-reinforced Wingprene or natural rubber flex-member construction and corrosion-protected end retainers, ITT Enidine Air Springs provide superior quality and performance. As actuators, Enidine Air Springs can provide either linear or angular motion.

These air springs (air shock absorbers) offer a favorable stroke-to-compressed-height ratio when compared to air cylinders, and they can accept a wide variety of actuation media such as air, water, nitrogen or anti-freeze. As isolators, ITT Enidine Air Springs are effective in reducing the harmful effects of vibration. They can simultaneously isolate vibration and regulate load height as well as allow for consistent vibration isolation under varying loads.

ITT Enidine Inc. offers a variety of air spring and air shock absorber types to meet your actuation or isolation needs. The Single, Double and Triple Convolute Bellows, Rolling Lobe and Sleeve Types are available in a wide range of sizes, with the end retainer style required to suit your specific installation.

In addition to our line of air springs, we offer a large variety of industrial shock absorbers, wire rope isolators and many other energy and vibration absorption solutions.

Here are some quick facts about Enidine's Air Springs and Air Shock Absorbers:

Enidine's air spring flex members are available in the following materials:
Fabric - reinforced Wingprene - Operating temperatures: - 40F to 150F (-40C to 65C)
Fabric - reinforced natural rubber - Operating temperatures: - 76F to 150F (-60C to 65C)

Available End Retainer Compositions:
Forged steel
Cast zinc alloy
Cast aluminum

  • Enidine's air springs can be used in a wide range of applications. Contact Enidine or your local Enidine representative for information regarding environmental considerations, applicability and more.

Typical Air Spring Applications for Actuation


  • Bin-tilting devices
  • Palletizers, label applicators in packaging equipment
  • Amusement park rides
  • Clutch and brake systems

Scissor Lifts

  • Injection or ejection of parts in manufacturing equipment
  • Vertical lift force for platforms and rotating tables
  • Conveyor or transfer systems
  • Rotary shaft actuators

Typical Air Spring Applications for Vibration Isolation:


  • Vibratory conveyors
  • Large drying machines
  • Centrifugal separators
  • Coordinate measuring tables and machinery
  • Commercial laundry machines

Electronic Equipment

  • Textile looms
  • Conveyor loading points

Welcome to Enisize for Air Springs,ITT Enidine's Air Spring Selection Software and Product Reference Guide. Enisize for Air Springs (E.A.S.) can help you size the proper Air Spring for your application. Once installed on your PC, just launch the program from the E.A.S. ICON on your desktop. The program will need a few input parameters to provide you with Air Spring recommendations. You can review all of the important technical information required to specify the Air Spring in your application. Your results can be viewed within the program or saved onto your desktop in a convenient PDF format for printing or e-mail. For more product information or pricing, please contact our customer service department at 1.800.852.8508 or email us at

Click on the link to download the latest Sizing Software from ITT Enidine Inc.. Choose the location directory for the download to take place and open the file and follow the onscreen instructions.

Download The Enisize for Air Springs Software Here:

Enisize for Air Springs Sizing Software (120mb)

Supported Operating Systems

Windows® 98
Windows® 98SE
Windows® ME
Windows® NT with Service Pack 6a or better
Windows® 2000 with latest Service Pack
Windows® XP Home or Pro Versions
Windows® Server 2003 Family Release Versions Only.

* Not Compatible with Windows Vista
* Not Compatible with 64-bit Operating Systems

Required Software Installation*

Microsoft® .net framework (Automatically installed by program installer.)
Microsoft® data access components
(mdac) 2.6 or later (The Program will prompt for installation if necessary.)
Microsoft® internet explorer® 5.0 or later
Adobe® Acrobat Reader® 5.0 or later (May be downloaded at: Adobe)

*Please contact Enidine Incorporated for installation assistance if required.

Minimum hardware requirements

Pentium® 133mhz (Or minimum required by the operating system.)
128 megabytes of ram (Or minimum required by the operating system.)
150 megabytes of free hard disk space (Estimated)

Enisize For Air Springs Installation

Enisize for Air Springs (E.A.S.) can be downloaded from the link above to a network or personal computer. Once you have downloaded the file to a directory of your choice. Double click the file called "EAS". It will then ask you where you would like to save the program files(the default directory is C:\Windows\Desktop). Click the button "Extract" and the files will be saved in C:\Windows\Desktop\EAS. When it is done click "Close" to close WinZip. Go to the directory that the program was installed and double click the file "Setup.exe" to launch the installer program. Please follow the onscreen instructions.

You may need to restart your computer twice during installation, depending upon your P.C. settings.

1. Open the folder "EAS Setup" and double-click the file "setup.exe."

2. A pop-up window will appear "This will install Enisize for Air Springs" - click "OK" and the install process will begin, this may take a few minutes.

3. You may receive a message "The Microsoft .NET framework has been installed. Please restart your computer." Click "OK" and restart your computer. If you DO NOT receive this message, go to step 5.

4. After restarting, select the directory containing the Enisize for Air Springs Software and double-click "setup.exe". This will resume the installation.

5. You may receive a message "Enisize for Air Springs requires Microsoft Data Access Components version 2.7 or higher." If so, click "OK"; the installation will be temporarily interrupted. Close and go to the next step, otherwise go to step 12.

6. Select the folder "EAS Setup" containing the Enisize for Air Springs Software.

7. Go to the "Microsoft" folder, and double-click on "MDAC_INSTALL.exe"

8. Check the box next to "I accept the terms of the preceding license agreement" and click "Next".

9. Click "Finish" to install the Microsoft Data Access Components.

10. Click "Finish" and restart your computer.

11. After restarting, go to the folder "EAS Setup" containing the Enisize for Air Springs Software and double-click "setup.exe". This will restart the installation.

12. Wait for the E.A.S. Wizard to appear and follow the instructions.

13. Notice the message "Enisize for Air Springs has been successfully installed." Click "Close".

14. Locate the newly created ICON on your desktop, double click to launch E.A.S. and wait, while a brief introduction loads and E.A.S. starts on the "ACTUATOR SELECTION" Tab.

Updates to E.A.S. will be available for quick download located here so check back often for updates.
Please report any problems with this program to our IT department at 1.800.852.8508.


These resources will give you deeper insights into the capabilities of ITT Enidine's products and the range of products we offer
(you must have installed Acrobat Reader to open these files).

2009 Air Springs (Imperial/Metric English) PDF
ITT Control Technologies Brochure (English) PDF

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