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We Provide Shock and Vibration Solutions for 810G and 901E Grade Equipment

Minimizing the amount of vibration your equipment experiences is critical to its long-term performance. Vibration fatigue can cause premature equipment failure and expensive downtime. But finding a way to reliably and cost-effectively counteract it has always been a challenge.
Enter Enidine Wire Rope Isolators. Engineered with a rugged, all-metal design comprised of stainless steel cable and aluminum retaining bars, our wire rope isolators provide unsurpassed multi-axis vibration isolation. They require almost no maintenance. They’re environmentally stable and — since our customers depend on us to help their equipment perform in even the harshest environmentsRoHS compliant wire rope vibration isolation systems from ITT Enidine Defense — they’re highly resistant to extreme temperatures, oil, ozone, abrasives and chemicals.
Our wire rope isolators also come complete with a patented crimping pattern. Along with our array of versatile mounting options and sizes, this design makes our products ideal for a broad range of applications in the Industrial Deck plate isolation system image: deck plate vibration isolation systems from ITT Enidine Defenseand Defense industries.

Click here to watch a video on the different wire rope configurations available for your application. Our deck plate isolation system protects valuable contents from damage when travelling over the road or in other transportation type applications. Various sizes and weights of goods contained in shipping containers vary greatly and the ability to protect these goods is critical. 


All of our wire rope isolators are capable of meeting the following industry standards:

DEF-STND 0755, MIL-STD-810, BV43-44, MIL-STD-167, STANAG-042, MIL-S-901, MIL-E-5400

The best part? Even if your application parameters fall outside our standard product line, ITT Enidine has the engineering capabilities to design, test and recommend a custom solution to suit your specific needs.

General Wire Rope Isolator Specifications:

  • Shock and vibration isolation up to 100,000 pounds
  • 45 degree compression/roll
  • Fixed roll
  • Stainless steel materials
  • Fixed shear

Isolator Axes:

Wire rope isolators are multi-axis isolators. The diagram below includes load axis definitions and deflection considerations.

Wire rope isolator diagram: load axis definitions and deflection considerations for ITT Enidine Defense wire rope isolators

Damping: Typically 5-15%, depending on size and input level. For specific damping considerations, please consult Enidine.


Mounting Orientation:

The diagrams below illustrate typical mounting orientations, in some applications multiple combined configurations can be used to acheive the most optimal results.Mounting orientation diagram: mounting orientations for ITT Enidine Defense wire rope isolators

Wire Rope Isolator Types:


Crimp Models (WR2 – WR8):

ITT Enidine’s crimp design lowers cost by using fewer mount bars when compared to the clamp design, no assembly hardware, and reduced assembly time. Crimp Models (WR2 – WR8) image: ITT Enidine Defense wire rope isolators - Crimp Models (WR2 – WR8)

Clamp Models (WR12 – WR40):

ITT Enidine’s clamp bar models are constructed by clamping the wire rope between two fastened mount bars.
Clamp Models (WR12 – WR40) image: ITT Enidine Defense wire rope isolators - Clamp Models (WR12 – WR40)

Wire Rope Isolator Model Characteristics and Technical Data:

WR 2 Series
WR 3 Series
WR 4 Series
WR 5 Series
WR 6 Series
WR 8 Series
WR 12 - 6 Loop
WR 12 Series

WR 16 - 6 Loop
WR 16 Series
WR 20 Series
WR 28 Series
WR 36 Series
WR 40 Series

For more than 30 years, we’ve partnered with our customers to provide value that extends beyond our products — leveraging our extensive knowledge to address your most challenging applications. Want to learn what we can do for you? Let’s talk.


Product Highlights

Elastomeric EA

Elastomeric Energy Absorption image: Elastomeric Energy Absorption
  • Vehicle Electronics Isolation
  • Shipboard Shock Isolation
  • Transporation Isolation

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CUSV Shock and Vibration Isolation

CUSV Shock and Vibration Isolation image: CUSV Shock and Vibration Isolation
  • Critical component protection
  • Product catalog solutions
  • Full analysis and validation 

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HELIOS Onboard Weapon System

HELIOS Onboard Weapon System image: HELIOS Onboard Weapon System
  • Shock and vibration isolation 
  • HERMs for the base of system
  • ​Skid Isolators  for the stabilization

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Howitzer Shock and Vibration Protection

Howitzer Shock and Vibration Protection image: Howitzer Shock and Vibration Protection
  • Heavy Weapon Control System Isolation
  • Battery Cradle Isolation
  • Electronic Systems Protection

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