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Enidine offers the widest range of standard and custom energy absorption and vibration isolation products for global industrial piping applications that demand the highest level of quality, on time delivery, service and support. We offer a broad range of highly engineered products to extend equipment life and increase safety and reliability.

WEAR™ (Wire Energy Absorbing Rope) pipe restraints are uniquely packaged wire rope isolators designed to protect structures from steady state vibration and isolate them from seismic and dynamic loads. These new generation energy absorbing restraints feature simple construction. There are no oils, seals or complex moving parts required to perform their function. The design has eliminated the problems often associated with hydraulic or mechanical
restraints which are complex and prone to failure.
  • No oil, seals, greases or maintenance
  • Compatible with most pipe attachment hardware
  • Normal Temperature: -40º to 200º F/-40º to 100º C
  • Faulted Temperature: -40º to 350º F/-40º to 175º C
  • Humidity: 100% RH Radiation: 1 x 109 RAD
  • Pressure: -14.7 psi to 100 psi 0 atm to 7 atm

Enidine developed HERM mounts for electronic cabinet isolation and rafted deck systems. They have successfully passed barge testing and reduced shock inputs to levels compatible with COTS equipment. The HERM mount is an effective vibration isolation systems solution for cabinets, platforms, rafts, cradles, canisters and shipping containers requiring a shock, vibration and structure borne noise isolator. 
  • HERM (14 Hz Deck)
  • Standard Product Selection
  • Shipboard Design Expertise
  • Systems Analysis and Integration
  • Multi-Axis Isolation
  • Minimum Sway Space

Enidine high performance Wire Rope Isolators have stainless steel cable and RoHS compliant aluminum retaining bars, which provides excellent vibration isolation. The isolators are corrosion resistant, which makes them environmentally stable and high-performance in a variety of refinery applications. The isolators are completely unaffected by oil, chemicals, abrasives, ozone, and temperature extremes. 
  • Shock and vibration isolation up to 100,000 pounds
  • 45 degree compression/roll
  • Fixed roll
  • Stainless steel cable and RoHS compliant aluminum bars
  • Fixed shear
Energy Absorption for RefineriesStorage Facility Seismic Isolation

Did You Know...

50 miles

The distance tremors from a magnitude 7 earthquake can travel.

Over 1.4 million

The amount of earthquakes that occur every year.


The number of earthquakes recorded daily.


How many earthquakes of magnitudes 6 and up occur annually.


How much more damage areas lacking building standards incur.


The proportion of the world’s earthquakes that take place within the Pacific Rim.

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