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Case Histories

Protecting Sensitive Electronics at Sea

Although standard wire rope isolators are widely available, Enidine’s staff of engineers can offer a complete engineered solution when the application demands it. Read More

Meet the Enidine High-Capacity Laminated (HCL) Bearings

Improving the reliability of multiple unrelated aircraft systems is a lot to ask of a single component. But it’s exactly what Enidine High-Capacity Laminated (HCL) Elastomeric Bearings do.
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Smooth, Safe, and Reliable Deceleration for High-Impact Applications

In high-impact applications like ski lifts, amusement park rides, automated people movers (APMs), gantry cranes and material handling systems...
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Meet the Enidine Pylon Isolation System

Protecting helicopter cabin interiors from the noise and vibration of the rotor assembly and gearbox is no small feat... Read More

Count on Enidine Wire Rope Isolators

Minimizing the amount of vibration your machines experience is critical to their long-term performance. Vibration fatigue can cause premature equipment failure and expensive machine downtime. But finding a way to reliably and cost-effectively counteract it has always been a challenge.
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Enidine Rate Control Products

For over 25 years Enidine has been the preferred source for Actuation and Rate Control products for the airline industry.  Read More

Sustainable, Reliable, Flexible: Get to Know the Non-Adjustable ECO Series Shock Absorber

Does your facility try to increase productivity by operating machinery at higher speeds? You’re not alone. But this common practice can lead to increased noise, damage to machinery/products...
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Enidine Rotorcraft Solutions

Our Enidine aerospace product lines are continually expanding to provide our customers with unique solutions for applications on military and commercial rotorcraft programs. Read More

Deck Plate Vibration Isolation

Large deck and rack cases require robust vibration isolation to protect valuable contents from damage when traveling over the road.

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Enhance Performance with ITT Enidine Mid-Bore Shock Absorbers

Time is money in manufacturing. So, when excessive shock causes equipment to break down, the cost of correcting the problem is amplified

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UltraLOC Airline Seat Recline Products: A new standard in versatility, dependability and integrity.

Our customers rely on ITT Enidine technology to help them enhance every aspect of the flying experience for passengers and crews alike. Read More

Strut Integrated Isolator

ITT Enidine has developed a unique isolation solution for strut mounted equipment. Read More

Trust Enidine DA/ADA Rate Controls

Moving a mechanism from one position to another may sound simple, but it seldom is. A whole suite of systems is required for predictable, reliable motion.
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Industrial Motion Control: Protecting machinery and workers, while improving throughput and efficiency.

Longer machine life. Higher operating speeds. Improved production quality. Safer machine operation. These are non-negotiable needs across industries and end-markets.

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NASA HUNCH Program Incorporates ITT Enidine Vibration Isolation Components

NASA’s HUNCH program (“High school students United with NASA to Create Hardware”) was started in 2003 as a small program in which students designed and built training hardware for astronauts .

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Material Handling Systems

For over 50 Years Enidine’s innovative engineering and application assistance has solved your most challenging shock absorption and vibration isolation needs for your material handling needs.

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Camera Isolation on Remotely Operated Vehicles

Manufacturers of unmanned remotely operated vehicles are looking for ways to isolate their cameras from the surrounding shock and vibration.

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Shock and Vibration Products for Amusement Rides and Entertainment Attractions

ITT Enidine provides energy absorption devices to the amusement ride industry for optimal performance and control for ride operators and passenger safety.

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Paper Mill Solution

A Paper Mill needed improved damping and spring constant at their four machines at the end of bulk paper roll lines.

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Automotive Manufacturing

Enidine has provided automotive manufacturers with several key energy absorption products to help maintain plant operations throughout the industry.

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Motion Control Solutions for the Steel Industry

ITT Enidine provides quality energy absorption and vibration isolation products and services to a variety of heavy industries throughout the globe. 

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Turnstile Application Solutions

Pedestrian turnstile manufacturers utilize customized Enidine shock absorbers to dampen the rotational movement while operating in harsh, high cycle rate environments.

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PET Bottling Solution

PET plastic bottling industry OEMs requiring longer life shocks for maintaining equipment up-time.

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Providing Port Cranes with Rate Control

4 Port cranes on a receiving dock required that wind energy and end of travel moment requiring tensioned sway cables for safety.

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Hard Drive Isolation

A customer designs their own hard drive testing equipment, however it picks up the vibrations of the cooling fans on the equipment.

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Shock Absorber Solution Saves Time and Money

A Glass bottle manufacturing customer saves time and money with a customized shock absorber solution from ITT Enidine. 

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