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Camera Isolation on Remotely Operated Vehicles and Systems

Manufacturers of unmanned remotely operated vehicles are looking for new ways to isolate their cameras from the surrounding damage of shock and vibration. A steady picture is required to give a clear image, but the cameras must also be protected from shock inputs during use. Both land and aerial based remotely operated vehicles utilize camera systems for surveying, data collection, and cinematography.

Shock and Vibration Isolation for Camera Systems

Compact wire rope isolators are used to both isolate vibration and attenuate shock on these camera systems. The small compact wire rope isolators are a lightweight and robust solution for this application.

Enidine compact wire rope isolators can also be used as a performance upgrade from the rubber mounts which are sometimes used for camera systems like this. The compact wire rope isolators offer higher precision in their stiffness characteristics, greater environmental resistance, and more deflection to attenuate shock.Compact Wire Rope Vibration Isolators for Camera Systems
As with any vibration mitigation, vibration isolation can also be misconstrued as an afterthought, rather than a proactive solution. Operators generally believe that if equipment needs to be isolated with flexible mounts it is because the equipment is worn out, or something is out of balance. in most cases this is simply not a problem with the equipment.

Miniature Vibration Isolators for Camera Systems

No matter the industry, reducing vibration in equipment and facilities with built-in isolation solutions lets components vibrate by controlled design and not at random. Endiine Compact Wire Rope Isolators acheive this goal and set the standard for mitigating damaging effects to the camera equipment.

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