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Enhance Performance with Mid-Bore Series Shock Absorbers

Ensuring smooth reliable operation and enhancing your equipments performance.

Time is money in manufacturing. So, when excessive shock causes equipment to break down, the cost of correcting the problem is amplified by machine downtime. Prevention in the only way to avoid these costly disruptions.
Minimizing the shock your machine experiences is critical to its long-term performance. Over time, unmitigated energy and shock can damage equipment and goods and cause premature failure and expensive downtime — not to mention lower product quality. Reliable, cost-effective solutions are an essential part of maintaining optimal performance.
That’s where Enidine Mid-Bore Shock Absorbers come in. With a range of adjustable and non-adjustable options at your disposal, you can stop excessive energy in its tracks, and prevent damage to your product and equipment.
Our adjustable hydraulic series shock absorbers offer the most flexible approach to energy absorption. They are your best choice when input parameters vary or aren’t clearly defined. With a simple damping force adjustment knob, they make it easy to accommodate a wide range of conditions. And thanks to their internal orifice design, they provide deceleration with the most efficient damping characteristics for the lowest reaction force in the industry.
Our non-adjustable hydraulic series shock absorbers are designed to absorb maximum energy within their compact envelope. This family of tamperproof industrial shock absorbers provides peak performance and protection, cycle after cycle. These models can also accommodate a wide range of operating conditions with varying masses or propelling forces.
Both series include threaded cylinders for mounting flexibility and a large surface area for enhanced heat dissipation. ISO quality standards mean you can count on them for reliable, long-life operation. And a variety of surface finishes helps protect against corrosion in almost any application.
Enidine Mid-Bore Shock Absorbers are just one of the many ways we maintain the uptime of your production lines, protect your finished goods and keep operators safe. Want to learn more about what we can do for your organization? Let’s talk.

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