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Hard Drive Isolation

Application Problem:

A customer designs and manufactures all their own hard drive testing equipment, however the test monitoring device is so sensitive that it picks up the vibrations of the cooling fans on the equipment and is seeing too much shock and vibration from pneumatically driven slides and actuators.

The test machine (1000lbs) is to be isolated at the floor to handle shock and vibration issues.

Custom Solution:
  • Sized and specified CR3-300 to isolate unwanted frequency from the cooling system.

  • Four per fan / 2 fans per machine / 800 machines in field to be retrofitted.

  • Sized each tester requiring four (4) WR16-850-08s. 

Customer Benefit:

Successfully isolated the vibration at the fans and relieved false readings on the test equipment. ITT Enidine successfully isolated the test machine from adjacent equipment vibration.

Product Focus:

Compact Wire Rope Isolators