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Meet the ITT Enidine High-Capacity Laminated (HCL) Bearings

Improving the reliability of multiple unrelated aircraft systems is a lot to ask of a single component. But it’s exactly what ITT Enidine High-Capacity Laminated (HCL) Elastomeric Bearings do. Used to support loads in flight-critical assemblies as well as transmit loads and motion to the blades of the helicopter, they’re essential to the flexibility of the blades and rotor assembly. This flexibility helps protect vital systems from the damaging effects of in-flight vibration while providing passengers and crew members with a smoother ride.

This flight-critical component is at the heart of rotorcraft performance. Engineered to support high loads and blade motion without lubrication, ITT Enidine HCL bearings give rotorcraft designers precise control over stiffness and damping for enhanced aircraft performance.

Our HCL bearings also decrease maintenance costs. Since they are highly resistant to dust, debris and fluids, they require replacement less frequently and perform reliably under even the harshest conditions. And because a simple visual inspection is all that’s required to determine if an HCL bearing is nearing the end of its life, they help eliminate unplanned bearing maintenance.

HCL bearings are just one of the ways ITT Enidine uses our extensive engineering, manufacturing and testing to deliver a flexible, personalized approach to meeting the demanding application requirements of rotorcraft design. We specialize in working as an extension of our customers’ engineering and manufacturing teams. With this team-based approach and our deep industry experience, we’re able to bring to market high-quality engineered components that others can’t. Want to learn what we can do for you? Let’s talk.

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