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Providing Port Cranes with Rate Control

Application Problem:

4 Port cranes on a receiving dock required that wind energy and end of travel moment requiring tensioned sway cables for safety. The requirement was for a hydraulic damper to minimize sway in the cable pulley system since a competitor's product was failing prematurely.

ITT Custom Solution:
  • 4 custom Enidine DA 75 Series rate controls mounted on each crane
  • 16 Units Total
  • Drop-in replacement accuracy of mounting
  • Estimated 1,000,000 cycle life and supports 24/7 operation of cranes.
Customer Benefit:
  • Successfully replaced the failing dampers with more reliable Enidine rate controls.
  • Incident rate for sway dramatically reduced over 12 months post change. 
  • Speed of loading/unloading improved.

Product Focus:
Direct Acting Rate Controls