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Steel Industry

Enidine provides quality energy absorption and vibration isolation products and services to a variety of heavy industries throughout the globe. These industries include; steel and aluminum rolling mills, manufacturers of mill equipment, gantry cranes, ship to shore cranes, overhead bridge crane manufacturers and automated stacker cranes.

Jarret Series

Fluidic Springs and Bumpers
Jarret visco-elastic fluid shock absorbers and springs have been successfully applied in the steel and aluminum industries for over 40 years. Due to the comprehensive capability of the silicone fluid, the bumpers do not require the need for additional internal gas or mechanical springs to return the piston rod to its original position.
Jarret bumpers also provide reliability, low sensitivity to temperature variances and a high damping co-efficient.

Roll Chock Shock Absorption Technologies


  • Rolling mill chock separators
  • Furnace slab bumpers
  • Hot strip mill down-coiler
  • Re-heat furnace entry end shock absorber
  • Ladle transfer cars
  • Transportation end stops
  • Tensioning devices
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HI Series

Heavy Industry Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
Enidine’s Heavy Industry (HI) Series buffers safely protect heavy machinery and equipment during the transfer of materials and movement of products. The large-bore, high-capacity buffers are individually designed to decelerate moving loads under various conditions and are in compliance with industry mandated safety standards. These buffers are engineered to conform with OSHA, AISE, CMAA and other safety specifications such as DIN and FEM.
The oversized bore area results in optimal energy absorption capabilities and increased internal safety factors. State-of-the-art testing facilities ensure integrity of design and product performance.

Shock Absorption utilizing Overhead Crane Buffers


  • Control of bridge cranes
  • Trolley platforms
  • Large container transfer
  • Transportation safety stops
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HD/HDN Series

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
Enidine Heavy Duty (HD/HDN) Series large-bore hydraulic shock absorbers protect equipment from large impacts in applications where “softer” deceleration is needed. These applications also require longer bumper stroke lengths, typically used in decelerating automated stacker cranes at the end of the rail.
Heavy Duty (HD/HDN) Series shock absorbers are available in standard bore diameters up to 6 inches and stroke lengths up to 60 inches. The HD/HDN Series is also available in a variety of mounting configurations that will support both rotary motion applications and linear impact conditions. Optional materials and fluids are available to accommodate extreme environments.
 Overhead Crane Shock Absorption


  • Automated stacker crane safety stops
  • Ladle transfer cars
  • Coil upenders/downenders
  • Large container transfer
  • Cab operated bridge cranes
  • Ship to shore container cranes
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Steel Industry Fast Facts

Total Global Employment in the Steel Industry
8 Million People
How Old can Steel be and Still be Recycled
150 Years old
Total Amount of Energy Required to Produce Steel
50% Less over the past 30 Years
Who is the Single Largest Consumer of Steel
Housing and Construction Accounts for 50% Globally
Total Spend in the Steel Industry on Manufacturing
$12 Billion Annually for Improvements and Product Development
An Average Computer is 25% Steel
332 Million PC's sold Globally in 2014
How Much Steel Can be Recycled
97% of All Steel