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Strut Integrated Isolator

Improved Performance –
Traditional mounting systems contain multiple struts converging at a large multi-axis isolator. These large multi-axis isolators must be sized to carry the complicated loads and moments associated with multiple struts. The Strut Integrated Isolator places the elastomeric working section directly into the strut where the isolator experiences only axial loading. The result is a smaller, lighter isolator package with a more linear stiffness.

Weight Savings –
The Strut Integrated Isolator system is 20 to 25% lighter than the traditional mounting due to the replacement of the strut material with the isolator and the reduced isolator size.

Improved Structural Reliability/Design Flexibility –
Isolator failure for a traditional mounting system will compromise multiple struts. This will require additional mounting points and isolation solutions for a redundant fail-safe system. With the Strut Integrated Isolator, the failure of a single isolator only compromises a single strut, possibly allowing the use of fewer struts to achieve a redundant, fail-safe system. Additionally, the elastomeric section can be located near the aircraft attachment point, as opposed to the component attachment, where there are more nominal temperatures and fewer fluid exposure issues, allowing for improved isolator performance.

Fail-Safe Design –
The Strut Integrated Isolator has metal components that restrain the load in the event of elastomer failure, offering a fail-safe design. With its inherent performance, weight, and design flexibility advantages, the Strut Integrated Isolator is an excellent choice for all strut mounted equipment.

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