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Trust ITT Enidine DA/ADA Rate Controls

Enhancing the performance of critical machinery, day after day.
Moving a mechanism from one position to another may sound simple, but it seldom is. A whole suite of systems is required for predictable, reliable motion. Without the right motion control solution, things can go wrong fast.
That’s where Enidine DA and ADA Rate Controls come in.
Leveraging proven oil displacement technology, Enidine DA and ADA Rate Controls make regulated motion control easy. With a design that can handle rate control in tension, compression or both directions, they’re ideal for use in everything from turnstiles to printing presses and amusement rides. They help to provide motion control in areas where precise positioning of objects or a mechanism is required to move from one position to another.
The ADA Series consists of single-orifice units that provide constant resisting force over the entire stroke. The DA Series, on the other hand, is a custom-orificed unit designed for specific conditions. Since it allows for both single- and multiple-orifice configurations, it’s capable of providing increased resistance over the course of the stroke. This can be beneficial when adapting to the changing torque levels of a seat safety restraint as it closes on an amusement ride or the rate at which a turnstile bar rotates as a person travels through it.
No matter which series you choose, Enidine DA and ADA Rate Controls provide reliable performance every day in a wide array of demanding applications.
Enidine is constantly evolving our product lines to provide superior solutions for customers’ most critical needs. Interested in putting our extensive knowledge and experience to work for you? Let’s talk.

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