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UltraLOC Airline Seat Recline Products

Our customers rely on ITT Enidine technology to help them enhance every aspect of the flying experience for passengers and crews alike.
Our UltraLOC™ seat recline products are no exception. Lightweight and ideal for every passenger seat in any aircraft, they provide easy, smooth and reliable seat recline and return, as well as leg rest deployment and extension.
UltraLOC™ seat locks are available in variable or fixed positions to meet all commercial and business class aviation requirements. And they provide superior tensile load capacity and compressive power to improve the integrity of the seat while being the lightest in the industry.
With a life expectancy of 180,000 cycles minimum, depending on model, our seat locks have the longest service life of any on the market and are 16-g tested and approved. For first-class, business and executive seating, UltraLOC™ comes in both Premium and Executive Class. These designs include longer strokes and high load capacities for aft-facing seats.
UltraLOC™ gives seat designers the versatile and dependable performance they’re looking for. And with quick and easy installation, and drop-in replacement for almost all recline locks in service, we make it easy for operators to reconfigure the cabin or refurbish older seats and save on time and labor costs.
We have served the global aviation industry for more than 30 years. Our customers enjoy high operational life expectancy, the lowest backlash ratings and the longest industry warranties.
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