APU Isolators

APU Isolators, APU Mounting Struts
Wire mesh material can be manufactured in a multitude of shapes and sizes to accommodate your specific application needs. Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) are just one example of a product that can benefit from the use of wire mesh technology. Its high damping characteristics and non-linear spring rates protect the APU from the effects of tough performance and harsh environments. APU Isolators can prevent the premature deterioration of equipment, improve performance levels and extend service life, particularly when conditions would inhibit the capabilities of a standard elastomer.

The Enidine APU Isolator offers excellent heat and corrosion resistance properties for withstanding a wide range of environmental conditions, including operating temperatures up to 800ºF. Best of all, it is a durable alternative to a standard elastomeric isolator.

APU isolator systems increasingly utilize electronic components that can be sensitive to vibration. In order to extend the service life of these LRUs, Endine can design, test and manufacture mounting brackets with integral isolation. These brackets are designed to attenuate the normal operating frequencies, while also withstanding the heavy loading introduced by high-G situations.
  • Corrosion resistance properties for withstanding a wide range of environmental conditions
  • Operating temperatures of –25º F to 200ºF.
  • Vibration of less than 5g maximum amplification at resonance
  • Basic shock of 30g, 11 msec.
  • Gun firing shock of 55g, 2.5 msec.
  • Ballistic shock of 65g, 2.0 msec.