Adjustable Small Shock Absorbers

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Energy Absorption in a Small Package

Enidine Adjustable Small Bore Hydraulic Series industrial shock absorbers offer the most flexible solutions to energy absorption application requirements when input parameters vary or are not clearly defined. By simply turning an innovative adjustment knob, the damping force of the shock absorber can be changed incrementally to accommodate a wide range of input conditions and applications requiring limited space and energy absorption flexibility.

Enidine offers the broadest range of small bore adjustable industrial shock absorbers and mounting accessories in the marketplace today. The Enidine OEMXT Series industrial shock absorber provides a low profile adjustment knob offered in imperial or metric thread configurations to accommodate a wide array of applications.


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  • Adjustable design lets you "fine-tune" your desired damping.
  • Internal orifice design provides deceleration with the most efficient damping characteristics.
  • Threaded cylinders provide mounting flexibility and increased surface areafor heat dissipation
  • ISO quality standards result in reliable, long-life operation.
  • Can be engineered to meet specific application requirements.
  • Durable surface finish provides the longest corrosion resistance protection.