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Enidine offers energy absorption and vibration isolation products and services.

Enidine Defense designs and manufactures suspension systems and vibration isolation systems for the military and defense sectors. Our Defense products are specifically designed for military applications including HERM (High Energy Rope Mount) mounts for cabinet isolation, SIDAS (Shock Isolator Double Acting Spring)DAMSI (Double Acting Mechanical Shock Isolator) and wire rope isolators for commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) electronics. Additional divisions also offer a variety of motion control products, such as Aerospace Controls, which offers solutions for today's most demanding Aviation and Defense Applications.

At Enidine we also offer a complete line of recoil buffers, including .50 caliber machine gun buffers and products for military rifle recoil reduction. Enidine's legendary buffers have set the standard for muzzle rise control products and can be found in operation in a large variety of military and law enforcement applications.
SKID Isolators, Engine Transport Isolation, Handling Shock Isolation, Packaging Shock Isolation

Shipping Shock Isolation

Enidine developed large displacement SKID isolators to protect next generation missile systems. A special elastomer was developed (Enitemp IV) to provide excellent shock isolation under a wide range of environmental conditions. ITT Enidine Inc.'s skid isola...

HERM (High Energy Rope Mounts), Vibration Isolation Systems, Shipboard Shock Isolation, ship shock isolation

HERM (High Energy Rope Mounts) Vibration Isolation Systems

Enidine Inc. developed the HERM (High Energy Rope Mount) Isolator for NAVY cabinet isolation and rafted deck systems. They have successfully passed barge testing and reduced shock inputs to levels compatible with COTS equipment. The HERM mount is an effe...

DAMSI (Shock Isolators and Spring Damping Solutions from Enidine Defense)

DAMSI (Shock Isolators and Spring Damping Solutions from Enidine Defense)

To isolate heavy loads against shipboard shock inputs, ITT Enidine Inc. developed the Double Acting Mechanical Shock Isolator (DAMSI). The DAMSI is a purely mechanical shock isolator featuring our patented friction spring damping element. A single DAMSI rep...

Electronics Isolation, SIDAS Mechanical Spring, Blast Mitigation Seat Shock Absorbers

SIDAS Electronics Isolation

To protect sensitive electronic equipment from damage incurred by shock forces in near miss-hit situations, ITT Enidine Inc. designed and developed the patented Shock Isolator Double Acting Spring (SIDAS). The SIDAS design combines a preloaded mechanical sp...

compact wire rope isolators, miniature vibration isolators, small vibration mounts, small shock isolators

Compact Wire Rope Isolators

Small Vibration Mount offers Big Performance Use Enidine Compact Wire Rope Isolators for the best performance in vibration isolation and small vibration mount configurations. The compact design is smaller than most wire ropes and can provide both shock an...

Noise Attenuation Devices, vibration isolation mount, vibration mount

Custom Vibration Isolation Mount

Our vibration isolation mounts help systems run smoother, quieter, and longer Dramatic noise reduction and vibration isolation is achieved with Enidine's Elastomeric Isolation Mounts. In addition to its standard product line, Enidine develops custom elast...

vibration Isolation, vibration damping, vibration control, wire rope isolators, Engine Component Vibration Isolation

Wire Rope Isolators

High Performance Vibration Damping  Look to Enidine for high performance Wire Rope Isolators and Compact Wire Rope Isolators. The wire rope isolators have stainless steel cable and RoHS compliant aluminum retaining bars, which provides excellent vibration...

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