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Sentinel™ 2 is the next evolution in the ever evolving on-board monitoring system, these microelectronics, solutions can be designed into your energy management and performance monitoring programs. This new patent pending design is the first of its kind in the shock absorber industry, integrating electronics with our already robust heavy duty shock absorber design.
Microelectronics can be Designed into your Energy Management Solution for Performance Monitoring

This technology incorporates continuous shock absorber/impact monitoring and wireless technology enabling long range (over 2,000ft) communication across a facility to a PLC or similar system all without wires required, this makes for easy adaptability into an already installed base of shock absorbers. This truly standalone, safety minded hydraulic buffer with impact event signal trigger capability protects people and goods in applications such as ASRS, Warehousing, Overhead Crane and Amusement Ride End Stops.

As a cost effective entry level system designed with affordability and longevity in mind, manufacturers, OEM’s and integrators now have the ability to incorporate next generation IoT 4.0 technology into their designs without the burden of heavy cost overhead and product or system modifications. ITT Enidine’s complete line of Sentinel™ technologies are just the beginning in offering real-time predictable machine maintenance to the global shock absorber marketplace.

Features and Benefits:
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Wireless Technology
  • Patent Pending Design

Advanced Intelligence Theory
  • Capture, measure and transmit pressure, velocity and positional data to a PC interface leveraging Sentinel™ Patent Pending Technology
Predictable Maintenance
  • Technology scale from simple (wear indicators) to complex (sensor technologies)
  • Predictive maintenance management for customers
Intelligent Technology Development
  • Flexibility to provide various markets beneficial information
  • Monitor cycle count, hours of operation, internal pressure
  • Control box integrated to OEM’s system
  • Remote notification to facilities manager
  • Flexibility for various sizes of products
  • Multi-Aisle reporting across facility

Enisize Sizing Software
Need a shock absorber for your critical application?
With an easy to use interface, multiple product selection and models to include in your design, we make it easy for you to find the right product - everytime!

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