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ITT Enidine Inc. supplier information and documentation page provides the latest documents, policies and proceedures for our suppliers and their affiliates. Please check back to this page often for the latest information available for download.


  • Enidine will treat our Suppliers with courtesy and respect, establish a culture of honesty and trust and work toward a relationship that is mutually beneficial to both parties,
  • Suppliers will conduct themselves in a fair and open manner.
  • Suppliers will share ITT's dedication to continuous improvement, supporting Enidine’s Customer Expectations. 
  • Please check back often for the latest information available for download.
Page Last Updated on: 02/24/2020                   Revised documents will be denoted with **

Supplier Information

Requirements and Expectations

Q.C. 023, Supplier Quality Assessment Tool
Q.C. 023 Rev. P

PO Terms and Conditions
FM0310300800 Rev. H

Supplier Maturity Self Assessment Tool
FM1702101502 Rev. O

PO Terms and Conditions Government Contract Supplement
FM0310300801 ev. None

REACH Controlled Substance Declaration
FM1807020714 Rev. A

Enidine Supplier Requirements**
PS-00001-00 Rev. Q

Supplier Forms

Workmanship Standards
WS-001 Rev. P

Visitor Facility Access Request Form
FM1001141420 Rev. D

Part Cleanliness and Deburing
WS-003 Rev. A

Supplier Request for Deviation / Waiver**
2233.97 Rev. R

ITT Enidine Workmanship Standard for Elastomeric Products
WS-005 Rev. A

FAS9102 First Article Inspection
FM0506300910 Rev. D

Flight / Safety Critical Parts Program Manual (QC 11)
QAM03 Rev. E

AS9102 First Article Inspection Guide

Frozen Manufacturing Control Plan (QC 12)
S.O.P. 4.5.1 ev. None

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) Form (QC 7)
FM1401021415 Rev. C


Supplier Annual Certification & Representations
FM1812141100 Rev. A


Supplier Source Inspection Form**


Latest Supplier News

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Recently we experienced two instances where components received were found to not be in full compliance with the requirements of the drawing. In both cases, the Supplier made assumptions to the material verification process.  These Suppliers used indirect verification of material mechanical properties by using hardness as an indication of compliance in lieu of direct testing and measurement of mechanical properties, i.e. tensile and yield. Thinking this practice would have no negative consequences, when, in fact, the assumed correlation of mechanical properties and hardness was invalid.

There was no intent by the Supplier to either defraud ITT Enidine, Inc. (“Enidine”) or misrepresent the supplied item. It was simply an error in judgment.

If you are aware of any situation where product is being provided to Enidine that is not in full compliance to the drawing and specifications, or indirect methods were used to report compliance and is not supported by a documented record of Enidine approval, you must notify your buyer immediately so we can provide guidance as to how to proceed.

Any discrepant material found after delivery may be subject to damages with reimbursement from Supplier.



  • FAI needed for Industrial Purchase Orders, by 6/1/2020

  • Supplier ownership of FAI compliance

First, over a year ago Enidine policy regarding FAI’s was changed,
AS9102 FAI is a REQUIREMENT for all Industrial and aerospace purchase orders.
(PO#’s beginning with “I”=Industrial, “A” = Aerospace.)
Note: AS9102 FAI has always been a requirement for Aerospace Orders.
Because of this change many suppliers have been burdened to complete First Article Reports and as a result there have been a large number of receipts missing FAI reports.
Our goal is to have current AS9102 FAI’s for active industrial orders by June 1, 2020.
Prior to June 1, 2020, missing FAI (for Industrial orders) will not be considered a nonconformance, after this date it will be considered a nonconformance and your scorecard WILL BE AFFECTED.
(Missing FAI reports for Aerospace orders will be considered a nonconformance and will affect your scorecard.
Please plan your FAI activities to provide FAI for all active products and components so we can be in full compliance by this due date. Meanwhile, please provide a copy of your inspection report with each shipment until the FAI requirement is satisfied.
Secondly, Supplier must OWN the First Article Inspection Report and provide updates as needed.
Per AS9102, The organization shall perform a full FAI or a partial FAI for affected characteristics, when any of the following occurs:

  • A change in the design characteristics affecting fit, form, or function of the part.

  • A change in manufacturing source(s), process(es), inspection method(s), location of manufacture, tooling, or

  • A change in numerical control program or translation to another media that can potentially affect fit, form, or function.

  • A natural or man-made event, which may adversely affect the manufacturing process.

  • An implementation of corrective action required to complete a previous FAI, as described in 4.4.

  • A lapse in production for two years shall require an update for any characteristics that may be impacted by the inactivity. This lapse is from the completion of last production operation to the actual restart of production.

Certainly Enidine is aware of any design change (change in drawing revision), which will be reflected by the issue of a revised Purchase Order. But only the supplier will be aware of other process related changes noted above.
Every supplier needs to be aware of these requirements and provide a full or partial FAI proactively, when required. In the past, many rejections found were the result of a process change that could have been identified if it was validated by this First Article Inspection process.
Contact your buyer if there is any question about the significance of the change, or the need to provide a full or partial FAI.


Required documentation is every bit as important as the parts and components delivered.
Parts may be delivered on time with good quality, yet they are unusable without proper documentation.
Documents: All required documents, certificates, test reports, inspection records, etc. MUST reference the applicable Purchase Order and MUST be included with the shipment of material.

First Article Inspection Report (FAIR): First articles are required whenever specified by the purchase order or the order meets one or more of the following criteria: (ref. AS9102)
(PARTIAL FAIR for all affected features)

  • A change in the revision of the drawing.
  • A change in manufacturing source, process, inspection method, location of manufacture, tooling or materials, that can potentially affect fit, form or function.
  • A change in numerical control program or translation to another media that can potentially affect fit, form or function.
  • A natural or man-made event, which may adversely affect the manufacturing process.
(FULL FAIR for all affected features)
  • A lapse in production for two years or as specified by ITT Enidine
  • As specifically noted on the ITT Enidine PO
  (ref. PS-00001-00, Supplier Requirements)

Missing, incomplete or inaccurate documentation will affect Supplier Performance Scorecard.
Verification of deliverable documents should be part of every suppliers Final Inspection process.
QC-023 Document Updated  
Significant Changes Affecting Enidine Suppliers
  • Terms and Conditions
Industrial, aerospace and Blanket Order Terms and Condition documents have been
incorporated in FM0310300800, ENIDINE PURCHASING DOCUMENTS.
  • Supplier Performance Metrics
Quality Requirement  3500 PPM
Includes ALL nonconformances, regardless of disposition, effective January 1, 2019, Use As Is are included as nonconforming

On Time Delivery Requirement >97.5%, based on 2 days early, 0 days late
effective January 1, 2019, Includes Early and Late deliveries
  • Steel components with a Black Oxide are required to be packaged in VCI bags.

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