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Additional Testing

Data Acquisition:

  • Calibrated gauges, transducers, meters, and scopes are available for data measurement.

HALT Chamber:


  • 28” x 28” x 28”
  • Temperature Range: -100C to +200C, Ramp rates up to 25C/minute
  • Repetitive Shock Vibration up to 70 grms

Acoustic Testing:


  • Reverberation Room, 23’ x 21’ x 10’
  • Meets ISO 3741 Standard
  • Lowest 1/3 Octave band Measurement is 125 Hz
  • Maximum Sound level 130 dB

Multi-Axis Endurance TestingTesting:


  • MTS 322
    • 2-Axis Customizable endurance rig (current configuration)
    • Depending on application more axes can be added.
  • Custom Endurance Rig
    • Up to 4 axes of control
    • Customizable to test HCL bearings or HCL rod ends
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