Additional Testing


Rubber Process Analyzer:

The D-RPA 3000 is an advanced rubber process

analyzer designed for measuring the viscoelastic

properties of polymers and elastomeric compounds

before, during, and after cure. The acquired data

gives exact information about the processability,

cure characteristics, cure speed, behavior of the

compound after-cure, and final compound

dynamic mechanical properties, with an 

unlimited amount of testing steps and 


Elastomeric Fatigue Testing:

Multi-sample elastomeric fatigue tester 

designed to establish endurance/ failure

modes of our elastomeric families.

This is based on a bonded double lap

shear specimens.


Static (Electromechanical):
  • Torque unit fatigue rating: +/-15,000 in-lb
  • Total axial test space: 28 in.
  • Torque centerline to frame: 24 in.
  • Total Travel: 360 deg
  • Maximum speed: 60 deg/s
Dynamic (Hydraulic):
  • Torque unit fatigue rating: +/-22,000 in-lb
  • Total Travel: +/-50 deg
  • Maximum Freq: 20Hz

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