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Dynamic Testing

Test Stand:

The MTS Landmark 200 Hz Elastomer Test System is configured specifically for characterizing the dynamic properties of  elastomeric/fluid materials and components. The system is optimized for frequencies up to 200 Hz.
  • Load unit fatigue rating: +/- 5kip
  • Maximum stroke: +/- 2.0 in

MTS 322 (Long Length Frame):

  • Load unit fatigue rating: +/- 22kip
  • Maximum stroke: +/- 5.0 in  

MTS 322 (Short Length Frame):

  • Load unit fatigue rating: +/- 55kip
  • Maximum stroke: +/- 5.0 in

Signal Analysis:

  • Built in MTS Elastomeric Analysis
  • Ability to create custom elastomeric analysis depending on customer needs in MATLAB.
  • Consistent part cycle analysis (any combination)
  • Cycle averaging
  • Custom FFT functions with custom windowing
  • Dual frequency testing/analysis
  • Multiple sine tone testing/analysis

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