Energy Absorption Products for Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive Manufacturing

Enidine has provided automotive manufacturers with several key energy absorption products to help maintain plant operations throughout the industry.

Enidine has provided automotive manufacturers with several key energy absorption products to help maintain plant operations throughout the industry.

Most automotive manufactures require smooth operation of power and free conveying systems during engagement and disengagement of the carriage tow bars. Smoother movement of the carriages reduces damage to the conveyor and the automobiles that they carry. Enidine has developed the towbar snubber to meet this challenge of reliability, smooth operation and easy maintenance.

Many automotive components such as body panels and various small components (brackets and braces) are produced using a metal stamping process. Our OEM shock absorbers are used in progressive die systems, stamping parts and robotics to allow for increased quality.

shock absorption for automotive manufacturing robots - ITT Enidine

Normally the presence of hydraulic fluids on automotive paint lines causes contamination concerns. Enidine developed a special fluid for its hydraulic products that has been tested and evaluted by our customers. It was found that this special fluid is 100 percent compatible with paint systems and does not cause contamination in the paint line application.
Automotive Plant Applications
  • Assembly Line Pallet Stops
  • Power and Free Conveyor Systems Deceleration
  • Progressive Die Stamping
  • Automotive Fixture Welding
  • Welding Locating Pins

  • Small Bore Shock Absorbers
  • Mid-Bore Shock Absorbers
  • Large Bore Shock Absorbers
  • Tow Bar Snubbers
  • Rate Controls

Tow Bar Snubbers for Automotive Trolley Systems

DA Rate Controls (Tow Bar Snubbers ) are used to protect vehicle bodies from abrupt starts and stops of power and free conveyor systems during the assembly process.

DA Series Rate Controls are ideally suited products for high-energy, heavy load applications requiring rate control in tension, compression or in both directions. These non-adjustable, custom orificed units are designed to specific input conditions, and allow for single and multiple orifice configurations depending on the level of damping that is required in the sepcific application.

Tow Bar Snubbers

Enidine Rate Controls are used to regulate the speed or time required for a machine to move from one position to another. They use proven technology to enhance performance in a variety of product applications. Rate controls are typically used to control pneumatic cylinders, linear slides, lids and other moving mechanisms.

The best energy absorption products for automotive manufacturing applications

Our wide array of energy absorption products give customers the peace of mind in knowing that they have selected the best option for maintaining uptime of their production lines. When on time delivery is critical and components need to move through assembly, Enidine has a proven track record of supplying the leading automotive manufacturers with the most reliable products in the industry today.