Compact Wire Rope Vibration Isolators Deliver BIG Solutions

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Enidine’s Compact Wire Rope Isolators (CWRI) are vibration isolator mounts that deliver BIG on vibration isolation solutions

Seeking vibration isolators for your complex application? Enidine’s Compact Wire Rope Isolators (CWRI) are vibration isolators that deliver BIG with highly engineered vibration isolation technology. With an all-metal design fit for compact spaces, these vibration isolators deliver the best multi-axis shock and vibration isolation solutions using one of the smallest wire ropes on the market today. That’s right! With compact wire rope isolators, you don’t have to sacrifice the shock and vibration absorption capabilities due to the smaller size units as compared to larger wire rope isolators.

These miniature vibration isolators are highly reliable in harsh environments, with little to no risk of maintenance needs, premature equipment failure, or costly machine downtime. Better yet, they are highly resistant to oil, ozone, abrasives, and chemicals, making them suitable for use across a wide range of industries. For specific needs, Enidine will work with you to customize a vibration isoaltion solution suitable for your specific application.

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