Extending Service Life in BIG Applications

Extending Service Life in BIG Applications - HDN Series Large Bore Shock Absorbers

Introducing our newest heavy duty shock absorber – the Large Capacity HD/HDN Series!

Introducing our newest heavy duty shock absorber – the Large Capacity HD/HDN Series! These large shock absorbers are engineered to buffer impacts where soft deceleration is required, protecting industrial equipment like overhead bridge and trolley cranes and automated storage and retrieval systems from damage and corrosion commonly associated with these applications. That’s right – we created a BIG shock absorber to extend the service life of your BIG equipment while keeping operators safe!

Not only does this versatile line of hydraulic shock absorbers smoothly decelerate loads of up to 3,000,000 in-lbs, but its long bumper stroke lengths are offered in sizes up to 60 in. Greater absorption does not need to come in bulkier packages, however. Our shocks are designed with an internal air/oil accumulator to provide shorter overall length and reduced weight.

Have a specific need for your industrial buffer? No problem. Our Enisize online customization tool allows you to configure heavy duty shocks by length and size so our team of engineers can deliver a solution fit for your specialized applications. And, thanks to our global manufacturing locations, we service customers from around the world seeking reliable and innovative heavy duty shock absorbers for equipment energy absorption. 

It doesn’t stop there. We believe utilizing innovation to improve safety should extend to the environment. That is why this series of shocks are designed with environmentally friendly materials and fluids and our piston rod extension sensors are available for re-use safety requirements.

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