Custom Shock Absorber Solution

Shock Absorber Solution

Shock absorber solution saves customer downtime and money in glass bottle manufacturing application.

Application Problem:

A customer was looking for a way to increase glass bottle production from their Independent Station (I.S.) Glass Forming Machines without jeopardizing the integrity of the glass bottles being produced. With the neck and opening area of the bottle being especially susceptible to stress fracture during the manufacturing process, a solution was required. The energy absorption product that would have to be supplied would require that it operate in a high ambient machine operating temperature and dirty environment.  While they had an existing solution in their machine the competitor's shock aborbers were failing prematurely causing breakage of products and unnecessary downtime.

Custom Solution:

Enidine OEM 2.0M X 2 shock absorber was supplied with new high temperature piston rod seals and Teflon coated energized piston ring.  A reinforced cylinder body for taking higher energy per second and high temperature, non-combustible internal fluid was also designed into the unit.

Customer Benefit:

New seals provided a positive seal against ingress and helped reduce internal wear, prolonging the shock absorber's service life and saving the customer significant downtime and money.