Keep Your Machinery Safe with Enidine's Protective Equipment

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Enidine ADA and DA rate controls are reliable speed controllers that act as protective equipment for machinery by significantly reducing shock and vibration during operation.

Enidine ADA and DA rate controls are reliable speed controllers that act as protective equipment for machinery by controlling speed and time of a mechanism during operation. The compact solutions utilize hydraulic cylinder speed control to provide predictable motion through advanced tension and compression technology housed in a cylinder end. Both single and double acting hydraulic damper designs allow smooth, controllable machine operation by providing rate DA Rate Controlcontrol for both linear and rotational (hinged) loads effectivly acting as protective equipment for the specific application. Each product family offers a variety of stroke lengths from which to choose.

ADA Series rate controls regulate speed in both tension and/or compression modes independently. ADA products let the user adjust the rate to suit specific application requirements. Fixed orifice interchangeable cartridges are available for the ADA 500 Series, which provide tamperproof operation once the desired rate has been determined. An optional remote adjustment cable provides adjustment control in otherwise inaccessible locations for the ADA 500 Series.

The DA Series are non-adjustable, custom-orificed at the factory, double acting rate controls which provide smooth, reliable motion control for high load capacities. Tow Bar (TB) snubbers are specially designed DA’s which dampen the abrupt starts and stops of power and free conveying systems.

Without rate controls, unrestrained motion in industrial machinery can have damaging and even dangerous impacts to operators and the equipment itself. Adding industry-leading protective equipment such as a Enidine ADA/DA rate control not only increases productivity, ensures a longer lifespan for the machine, and reduces maintenance - it is protective equipment that keeps operators safe!

Need a custom solution? No problem. Endine’s ADA/DA series offers adjustable solutions available to fit your particular application. That means you can customize the rate in tension and compression modes until the control aligns with your specific requirements.

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