Power Grid Isolation Provides Unfailing Power and Utility Durability
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Power Grid - Base Isolation Design

Looking for power grid isolation solutions and transformer shock absorbers you can trust? Our viscous damper solution with wire rope isolators deliver. 

Viscous Dampers in Parallel
with Wire Rope Isolators

Wire Rope Specifications: 

  • Carry static load
  • Defines frequency response
  • Minimize stiffness
  • Decouple superstructure from input

Viscous Dampers Specifications: 

  • Dissipate energy
  • Limit motion
  • Tuned to provide the optimum level of damping
  • Linear damping function
  • Incline versus mode fluid monitoring system

Viscous Dampers with Wire Rope Isolators in Action
Siemens, 550KV Circuit Breaker
  • Equipment: 11 to 18 ft. heightQualification: Shake Table Test / Sine Beat Test
  • Solution: Wire Rope / Viscous Damper