Compact Wire Rope Isolators, Miniature Vibration Isolators

Frequently Asked Questions
An internal compression stop. Generally a molded rubber part attached inside the air spring assembly. It aids in preventing internal damage to the air spring assembly due to heavy loads coupled with severe compression and helps to prevent damage in the event of air loss.
A device, which induces action or motion with compressed air being the medium through which the power is transmitted. Similar in function to an air cylinder.
An air spring flexible member complete with end closure components (retainers) ready to be mounted in place and used as an air actuator or vibration isolation mount. Also referred to as an Air Spring or Air Bag.
Act of amplifying; increasing; enlarging.
An air spring having one, two or three convolutions in the flexible member.
An attachment provision recessed in the retainer, closed at the bottom to prevent air loss. A bolt or shoulder stud may be inserted to attach the air spring to machinery.
A ring used to attach certain bellows type flexible members to the mounting surface. Used in place of the conventional upper and lower crimped-on retainers.
On a bellows type air spring, that part of the flexible member forming an annular protrusion larger than the O.D. of the end retainers or the girdle ring(s).
Cycles per minute-a unit of measure of the frequency of any vibration.
That type of air spring assembly in which the flexible member is permanently attached to the end retainers by mechanically bending the retainers around the bead wires molded into the flexible member.