Friction Snubbers

Enidine Friction Snubbers are used primarily to control vertical and lateral motion on subway passenger cars and locomotives, guarding against lading damage and providing increased ride quality. These mechanical type shock absorbers are ruggedly constructed, assuring trouble-free service under varying temperatures and environmental conditions.

The friction snubber is comprised of a barrel containing three segmented shoes faced with specially formulated long-wearing, molded brake lining material, attached by a special bonding process. The constant pressure of a pre-compressed coil spring forces the shoes outward against the barrel. Uniform friction resistance is provided during operation through a combination of material and finish in the lining and barrel. Mountings are designed to provide “universal joint” action to accommodate any change in the angularity of the snubber caused by relative movements between the mounting members.
  • Three Segmented Shoes are forced against the barrel by spring pressure exerted equally on opposing wedge surfaces, providing consistent damping.
  • Units Maintain a Constant damping force unlike hydraulic shocks which are velocity sensitive.
  • Mountings Provide “Universal Joint” Action to reduce relative motion and eliminate backlash in the system.
  • Self-Compensating Design for service wear. The free wedge ring allows automatic take-up as shoe lining wears.
  • Wide Temperature Operating Range from -60º to 400º F.
  • Standard Production Units can be provided with frictional resistance forces from 130 to 3,300 lbs.
  • Friction Snubbers can be applied to springs of any size to meet any damping requirement.