High Energy Rope Mount (HERM) - Vibration Isolation Systems

HERM (High Energy Rope Mounts), Vibration Isolation Systems, Shipboard Shock Isolation, ship shock isolation
Enidine Inc. developed the HERM (High Energy Rope Mount) Isolator for NAVY cabinet isolation and rafted deck systems. They have successfully passed barge testing and reduced shock inputs to levels compatible with COTS equipment.

The HERM mount is an effective vibration isolation systems solution for cabinets, platforms, rafts, cradles, canisters and shipping containers requiring a shock, vibration and structure borne noise isolator.

In addition to electronic cabinets, the HERM can successfully be used on other vibration isolation systems offering protection for radar systems, weapons and vehicles. Any defense contractor needing vibration isolation mounts and vibration isolation systems offering protection over a wide deck frequency range could benefit from this application.
  • Low Frequency (12 to 16 Hz)
  • Standard Product Selection
  • Shipboard Design Expertise
  • Systems Analysis and Integration
  • Multi-Axis Isolation
  • Minimum Sway Space