High Capacity Laminated (HCL) Bearings

High Capacity Laminated (HCL) Bearings
Enidine’s high-capacity laminated elastomeric bearings are needed in helicopter transmission and rotor systems. These devices are used to support loads in-flight critical assemblies as well as transmit loads and motion to the blades of the helicopter.

These HCL bearings provide a high stiffness in one or combined directions to take loads, while lowering stiffness in other directions allowing for motion.
  • Reduce in-flight vibration — Stiffness and damping are engineered for each application
  • Longer life than traditional bearings — Resistant to dust, debris and fluids
  • Improve the reliability of other aircraft systems
  • Easy inspection — Visual inspection indicates approaching end of life
  • Utilized for flapping and blade retention on the tail rotor
  • Reduced maintenance — Require no lubrication