Non-Adjustable Micro-Bore Shock Absorber

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Micro Size Shock Absorbers for Energy Absorption Applications

Enidine non-adjustable micro-bore hydraulic shock absorbers can accommodate varying energy conditions in a small package size. This family of tamperproof industrial shock absorbers provides consistent performance, cycle after cycle. Non-adjustable models are designed to absorb maximum energy while saving you space and providing you the highest level of protection for your equipment.

The TK Series is a versatile, miniature design which provides effective, reliable deceleration and vibration control for light loads. Models can accommodate a wide range of operating conditions.

The Enidine STH Series offers the highest energy absorption capacity relative to its size. These custom-orificed shock absorbers are designed to meet exact application requirements. STH Series shock absorbers are available in fully threaded cylinder bodies, providing flexibility in mounting configurations.

  • Offers flexibility in both size and energy absorption capacity
  • Tamperproof design ensures repeatable performance.
  • Special materials and finishes available
  • Optional fluids and seal packages available
  • Threaded cylinders provide mounting flexibility and heat dissipation.
  • A select variety of surface finishes provides corrosion resistance
  • ISO quality standards result in reliable, long-life operation.
  • Incorporating optional fluids and seal packages can expand the standard operating temperature range from (15°F to 180°F) to (–30°F to 210°F)