Rebuildable Dampers

Rebuildable Dampers are designed for at least 25 years of operation. These extremely robust products wear at a very slow rate and can easily be adjusted and reconditioned to as new conditions; giving the dampers a multiple life time.

The circulating oil principle guarantees unmatched symmetrical damping forces and provides for an excellent heat transfer between damper and surrounding air, allowing them to operate at the most extreme conditions.

The design is optimized to achieve the highest possible dependability while allowing the longest time between consecutive overhauls.

All Endurance Line dampers operate in accordance with the circulating oil principle. This means that the oil is directed through the same valve systems in the guide, during both the compression and extension stroke.

On the extension stroke the non-return valve in the piston is closed and the oil above the piston is forced through the damping valves in the guide. At the same time, because of the increased volume below the piston, oil is forced through the non-return foot valve.

During the compression stroke the non-return foot valve is closed and because the piston is forced down in the cylinder, oil flows through the now open non-return valve in the piston. The oil displaced by the piston rod is forced through the damping valves.This robust construction of the Endurance Line dampers is reflected in:
  • Large diameter of the piston rod limiting the surface pressure due to side loads. The direct result is reduced friction and a long life time.
  • High quality silent blocks.
  • Low friction multiple seal system.
  • The special synthetic rings around the piston and the guide result in the absence of any metal to metal contact.
  • Noise-free valve systems.
  • Screwed dust cover; no welding required.
  • Internal or external dust bellows, protecting the piston rod against small abrasive particles.

After many years of trouble-free operation, the Endurance Line dampers, due to their extremely robust construction, can be maintained and recalibrated to the level of a new damper, with limited cost. Since the damping forces can be adjusted by turning the adjustment screw with a screwdriver, normally, there is no need to dismantle the damper nor to replace internal parts. Characteristics Due to the unique valve system of the Rebuildable dampers, nearly every required characteristic can be provided within an unmatched narrow tolerance band.



The following maximum damping rates and damping forces apply for the various damper types within the Rebuildable Dampers Line:
Type 96  
Max. damping force 10 kN
Max. damping rate 60 kNs/m
Dust cover / reservoir tube Ø 80 mm / Ø 70 mm
Type 02  
Max. damping force 15 kN
Max. damping rate 600 kNs/m
Dust cover / reservoir tube Ø 102 mm / Ø 89 mm
Type 04  
Max. damping force 25 kN
Max. damping rate 1.000 kNs/m
Dust cover / reservoir tube Ø 120 mm / Ø 108 mm