Rotary Dampers

Rotary Dampers, Moveable Bin Motion Control Devices, Stowage Bin Actuation Devices, Rotary Hinge Damper
With aircraft OEMs always looking for ways to bring new efficiencies and lower cost to their operations, the Enidine Hinged Rotary Dampers brings both to the evolution of fixed stowage bin design. Traditional stowage bins employed linear actuators to provide controlled door opening. These Rotary Dampers are part of a multi-part system, which also includes actuator covers, mounting clevises, piano hinges, etc. By integrating the hinge, actuation and damping all in one high strength molded plastic device, Enidine Hinge Rotary Dampers bring many benefits to bin designs.
rotary damper, Rotary Dampers, Stowage Bin Actuation Devices

Enidine Hinge Rotary Dampers have been adopted by the world’s major aircraft OEMs for their new fixed stowage bin designs, but the concept is perfect for other high class interior applications as well. From small compartments in First Class cabins, to cockpit map cases, to entire business jet interiors, Enidine Rotary Hinge Dampers can be designed to provide the aesthetics passengers want, with the cost and installation efficiency aircraft manufacturers demand.
Fewer parts mean reduced installation time
  • Lower overall parts cost, reduced logistics and inventory carrying cost
  • Smaller device allows more bin space to be used for baggage
  • Provides up to 20 in-lbs of torque per hinge, and up to 90 degrees rotation to hold the door up for easy bin access
  • Molded plastic design is more aesthetically pleasing, and can be made to match bin color
  • Qualified to over 200,000 cycles
  • Custom models can be developed to meet new specs