Rotary Hinge Dampers

Frequently Asked Questions
Yes. These shock absorbers can be orifice to provide specific damping for a particular application. When the shock absorbers are custom orifice they are referred to as CBOEM shock absorbers.
The small series OEM shock absorbers can be adjusted by rotating the adjustment knob at the back of the shock absorber.
The maximum side-load angle allowed by Enidine Incorporated is 10° (+5°). For a rotating arm, door, lid or circuit breaker for example, the moving load should be perpendicular to the center-line of the piston rod when it is halfway through the stroke.
Locate the applications impact velocity on the Y-axis and the selected model graph line. Follow the impact velocity horizontally until it intersects the selected model graph line. Follow the intersection point vertically down to the X-axis. The value at the X-axis is the maximum allowable adjustment setting.