Rotary Hydraulic Shocks

The demand for improved ride quality and increased durability makes Enidine’s Rotary Shock Absorber (RSA) the perfect choice to control vertical andlateral motion in rail suspension applications. RSA’s are built to outlast and outperform linear type shock absorbers, offering the best ride quality available today.

The unique RSA is a vane type shock absorber. The fluid-filled opposing chambers are interconnected through a metering valve. Rotational force applied to the end of the wingshaft displaces the fluid from the high-pressure chamber to the opposing low-pressure chamber. This causes a resistance to relative motion and damping of the input force. The amount of damping torque is governed by angular velocity of the load applied to the shock absorber and by the valving settings.

Premium Suspension Damping for Rail Cars

  • A Variety of Installation Arrangements
  • Spring-Loaded Dynamic Shaft Seal
  • External Access to Fluid Reserve
  • Resistant to Deterioration caused by corrosive action
  • Automatic “High Shock” Relief Valves
  • Uniform Damping Characteristics
  • Factory-Adjustable Valving 
  • Completely Self-Contained Design