Sealed Dampers

Sealed Dampers, Vibration Damping & Mechanical Dampers from KONI-Enidine.

These high quality products provide a maintenance free superb operation of vibration damping until the next planned major overhaul of the bogies.

After this time, and depending on the configuration, the product can be replaced by a new mechanical damper, or be overhauled in a specialized workshop.

The production line for these mechanical dampers makes use of the latest production technologies, which results in a high level of automation and the elimination of unnecessary handling.

Due to the smart damper design and the efficient manufacturing process, we are able to offer these mechnical dampers at very attractive price levels.

These sealed dampers are optimized to achieve the lowest possible initial purchase price without compromising the quality of the product.

Sealed dampers operate according a two-direction oil flow through the piston. The construction of the damper is such that the damping forces during the extension and compression stroke are symmetrical.

During the extension stroke the damping is performed by a valve stack below the piston, while during the compression stroke the valve stack on top of the piston creates the desired damping forces.

The mechnical dampers are provided with a blow-off at higher damper speeds. This blow-off limits the maximum forces created by severe track conditions.

This feature results in increased passenger comfort and protects both the damper as well as the vehicle brackets from excessive forces.

Orifice damping at
low damper speeds

Main valve damping at
medium damper speeds

Blow-off at high
damper speeds

These dampers are provided with the following specific railway features:
  • Robust construction resulting in a long service life.
  • Symmetrical force in extension and compression.
  • Linear force rate up to a freely defined blow-off point.
  • Maintainable or sealed construction at customer’s request.
  • The special synthetic rings around the piston and the guide, result in the absence of any metal to metal contact.
  • High quality silent blocks.
  • Noise-free valve systems.


Due to the unique valve system of the Sealed dampers, nearly every required characteristic can be provided within an unmatched narrow tolerance band.

The following maximum damping rates and damping forces apply for the various damper types within Sealed dampers:
Type 90  
Max. damping force 10 kN
Max. damping rate 35 kNs/m
Dust cover / reservoir tube Ø 80 mm / Ø 70 mm
Type 97  
Max. damping force 15 kN
Max. damping rate 100 kNs/m
Dust cover / reservoir tube Ø 80 mm / Ø 70 mm