SIDAS (Shock Isolator Double Acting Spring) for Electronics Isolation

Electronics Isolation, SIDAS Mechanical Spring, Blast Mitigation Seat Shock Absorbers
To protect sensitive electronic equipment from damage incurred by shock forces in near miss-hit situations, ITT Enidine Inc. designed and developed the patented Shock Isolator Double Acting Spring (SIDAS). The SIDAS design combines a preloaded mechanical spring to provide static preload forces with a low-pressure hydraulic damper to provide dynamic damping forces.

Utilizing custom engineering capabilities and proprietary computer modeling simulation programs, ITT Enidine Inc. can develop solutions like the SIDAS to satisfy the stringent performance and environmental challenges of today's defense, commercial aviation and industrial applications.

During a shock event, the SIDAS experiences a pressurized condition (1500 psi) for a duration of less than 1 second. This low pressure situation ensures positive fluid sealing, thus providing long life shock attenuation over the range of all four deck frequencies. This low-pressure situation ensures positive fluid sealing, thus providing long-life shock attenuation over the range of all four-deck frequencies.
  • Low Frequency (12 to 16 Hz)
  • Standard Product Selection
  • Shipboard Design Expertise
  • Systems Analysis and Integration
  • Multi-Axis Isolation
  • Minimum Sway Space