Specialty Dampers

Unique Problem Solvers

The KONI Specialty Dampers contain the high-tech dampers in which our innovative power is displayed. These tailor made products provide our  customers with the extra control needed to bring their vehicle designs to the required high levels of comfort, safety and suitability.

A few examples are described below.


Electronically Controlled

The electrically controlled yaw damper can be switched off and on, resulting in a smooth ride at low speeds on curvy tracks (valve open) and safe and steady ride at high speeds (valve closed).
It relieves the engineers from accepting a compromise between comfort and safety. Moreover, the system provides inherent safe operation, even if the external power supply is down.


Continuously Variable

With a conventional damper, the damping characteristic of a secondary horizontal railway shock absorber is always a compromise between the ability of this damper to isolate long wave vibrations, while at the same time filtering the high frequency shocks working on the passenger compartment.

In other words; a compromise between stability and comfort. To damp this complete spectrum of vibrations, ideally the damper forces should be continuously adjusted to the exact level of damping required.With our patented Continuously Variable Damping (CVD) system, KONI has developed a revolutionary system, which exactly does that!


Damper-Spring combinations

Sometimes the available space on a bogie or wheel set is extremely limited. Can we deliver an external adjustable integrated damper-spring combination with seperate end-range damping? 
Sure, just contact us​.

Pentograph dampers

The relatively small sized pantograph damper has a position dependant performance characteristic.
It is customized to control the pantograph in working position in contact to the catenary, as well as while lowering the pantograph to the roof.

Door actuator dampers

Controlling the door movements in such a way that the doors close and open with exactly the correct speed and without slamming?
It can be done, with dedicated stroke dependent dampers.