UltraLOC™ Seat Recline Products

UltraLOC™, Motion Control Cables, Seat Recline Lock
Enidine has created the UltraLOC™ seat recline system for a new standard in aircraft seat recline technology. Seat locks are available in variable or fixed positions to meet all airline seat lock requirements. These units provide superior tensile load capacity and compressive power to improve the integrity of the seat. This gives seat designers versatile and dependable performance, while giving passengers the convenience of comfort at the touch of a button.
UltraLOCâ„¢, Motion Control Cables, Seat Recline Lock

For longer-stroke uses, Enidine also has the UltraLOC™ Premium Class design for first class and business seating. The UltraLOC™ Executive Class series is ideal for executive aircraft seating. The design includes long strokes and high load specials for aft-facing seats. 
highly engineered aircraft seat recline products

Our latest innovations to the UltraLOC™ line offers customizable products with the ease of installation in mind to meet all of your complex aircraft seat recline requirements.
  • High operational life expectancy
  • Longest industry warranties
  • PMA replacements
  • Hydraulic locks for consistent operating performance
  • FAA manual override feature
  • Set or variable stroke settings
  • Standard or customized designs
  • Lowest backlash ratings

Button Options

Standard and low-profile buttons to  accommodate varying aircraft seat  arm rest configurations.

Multiple color and shape options available for buttons to compliment your aircraft brand  interior and seating colors.

LED backlighting and laser etching of  logos or pictograms can be provided  for some button model types.