Visco-Elastic-Support (VES) Hydro Turbine Components

hydro turbine components

Civil Structure Protection

One of the most efficient forms of renewable energy is hydro-electricity. A typical hydropower plant will produce electricity by the use of hydro-electric generators. Problems often arise with these generators over time due to high frequency vibrations excited by periodic and stochastic forces originating in the hydraulic machines and generator. Usually the vibration peaks out at the guiding bearing above the generator rotor, causing substantial damage to the generator and surrounding structure.

Enidine has developed the new Visco-Elastic Support (VES) product line to provide improved dynamic behavior of the rotor-bearing system and thermal force reduction to bearing support structures.

The working principle of VES is by providing high dynamic stiffness, adding supplementary damping to the rotor-bearing system, low static stiffness for thermal movement. 

This reduces dynamic response of the generator, prevents the transfer of excessive thermal forces to the civil structure, thereby extending the life of the generator, structure and increases the output efficiency of the power plant.

Enidine will custom design products to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss your application needs. 

  • ​Pre-loaded to prevent any tensile force to the support structure
  • High dynamic rigidity
  • Low static rigidity
  • Flexible combination to achieve required dynamic properties
  • 100% tested to verify dynamic properties