Viscous Dampers / Seismic Dampers

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Viscous dampers (also known as seismic dampers) are hydraulic devices that dissipate the kinetic energy of seismic events and cushion the impact between structures. They are versatile devices that can be designed to allow free movement as well as controlled damping of structures to protect them from wind load, thermal motion, or seismic events.

Seismic Dampers, Viscous Dampers, fluid viscous dampers
Our seismic dampers are well-suited for large displacement and/or large load applications such a bridges, buildings, and other large structures. Available in ratings up to 1,000 KIP.

Seismic Damper Bench Testing

 Seismic Damper Bench Testing
  • Static Testing – Including precision electromechanical machines with programmable controllers
  • Drop Testing – Up to 4,000 lbs. and 600 in./sec.
  • Vibration – Electromechanical shakers with digital controllers
  • Dynamic Testing – Up to 500,000 lbs. at 80 in./sec.
  • 3D CAD Software, Solidworks
  • Finite Element Analysis, COSMOS
  • Dynamic Software, Visual Nastran
  • Structural Analysis, SAP 2000

50 miles

The distance tremors from a magnitude 7 earthquake can travel.

Over 1.4 million

The amount of earthquakes that occur every year.


The number of earthquakes recorded daily.


How many earthquakes of magnitudes 6 and up occur annually.


How much more damage areas lacking building standards incur.


The proportion of the world’s earthquakes that take place within the Pacific Rim.