Wire Rope Isolators for Vibration Isolation

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High Performance Vibration Damping 

Look to Enidine for high performance vibration isolation components such as Wire Rope Isolators and Compact Wire Rope Isolators. Our wire rope isolators have stainless steel cable and RoHS compliant aluminum retaining bars, which provides excellent vibration isolation capabilities. The wire rope vibration isolation products are corrosion resistant, which makes them environmentally stable and provide high-performance in a variety of applications. The isolators are completely unaffected by oil, chemicals, abrasives, ozone, and temperature extremes. 

The compact wire rope isolator is smaller than a traditional wire rope and can absorb shock and vibration in small spaces. Single point mounting offers flexibility for integration into existing products. 
Wire Rope Isolators

With versatile mounting options, crimping patterns, and size variation, helical isolator products may help your systems meet all requirements for industrial, military, and commercial uses. Enidine has a commitment to quality and all products are capable of industry standards such as DEF-STND 0755, MIL-STD-810, BV43-44, MIL-STD-167, STANAG-042, MIL-S-901, and MIL-E-5400. 

Both compact wire rope isolators and wire rope isolators can be used on galley components where motors and fans produce vibrations onto surrounding structures. They can also be used to control vibration and thermal expansion.

  • Shock and vibration isolation up to 100,000 pounds
  • 45 degree compression/roll
  • Fixed roll
  • Stainless steel cable and RoHS compliant aluminum bars
  • Fixed shear