Understanding Air Springs

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Enidine Air Springs offer industry leading and cost-effective actuation and vibration isolation solutions for applications requiring reliable motion control.

Enidine Air Springs offer industry leading and cost-effective actuation and vibration isolation solutions for applications requiring reliable motion control. From scissor lifts and building lifts to amusement rides and food packaging, these highly durable air springs are used in a wide variety of material handling applications and actuation systems. Due to their unique capabilities and advantages, Enidine Air Springs have emerged as the preferred suspension system by engineers, procurement professionals, planners, facility maintenance staff, and machine builders for use in machine tools, printing presses, packaging machines, and other heavy-duty industrial applications. 

Unraveling the Concept of Air Springs

Compared to air cylinders, Air Springs offer a stroke-to-compressed-height ratio more conducive to a wide variety of actuation media such as air, water, nitrogen or anti-freeze – all thanks to a superior design that incorporates fabric-reinforced Neoprene or Natural Rubber flex member construction and corrosion-protected end retainers. When inflated with compressed air, they create a cushion that supports the load and absorbs shocks and vibrations, thereby minimizing impact on the vehicle or machinery. The internal air pressure can be regulated to suit different loads and ensure optimal performance.

Selecting the Right Air Springs

Selecting air springs involves considering several factors. These factors ensure the right air springs are chosen for specific applications and requirements:
  1. Load Capacity: The air springs' load capacity is crucial. Determine the weight the air springs need to support to ensure they can handle the load effectively. Consider the maximum load capacity and choose air springs that can comfortably support your application's weight.
  2. Application Type: Different applications require different types of air springs. Understand the specific requirements of your application and choose air springs designed for that purpose.
  3. Operating Conditions: Consider the operating conditions in which the air springs will be used. Factors such as temperature, pressure, and environmental conditions can impact the performance and durability of the air springs. Ensure the chosen air springs can withstand the specific operating conditions they will be exposed to.
  4. Quality and Durability: Select air springs from manufacturers known for their quality and durability. High-quality air springs provide better performance and ensure a longer service life, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Industrial Applications of Air Springs

Have different needs for different applications? Enidine Air Springs are available in a wide range of styles and sizes that are effective for varying load capacities, applications, operating conditions, and durability needs. You can work with our team to select from a wide range of options precisely engineered with a simple construction, including: 
  1. Convoluted Air Springs: These air springs, also known as bellows, are used in various applications, including vehicle suspensions, industrial machinery, and agricultural equipment. Their flexible, accordion-like design offers excellent load support and vibration isolation.
  2. Sleeve Air Springs: These air springs have a cylindrical shape with a single rubber sleeve. They are often used in commercial vehicles, such as trucks and buses, as well as in industrial applications. Sleeve air springs offer a smooth ride and reliable load support.
  3. Rolling Lobe Air Springs: These air springs are similar to sleeve air springs but have a multi-ply design. This design allows for better load-carrying capacity and improved durability. They are commonly used in heavy-duty truck suspensions and other applications that require high load capacity.

Our line of air spring products are also customizable based on the nature of your specific motion control project.

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