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Meet the Enidine Pylon Isolation System

Protecting helicopter cabin interiors from the noise and vibration of the rotor assembly and gearbox is no small feat. But it’s exactly what the Enidine Pylon Isolation System does — improving the safety and comfort of passengers and crews, and increasing the longevity of flight-critical rotorcraft components.
The innovative technologies within our system, including our multi-modulus journal and spherical bearings and pylon assemblies, operate reliably and efficiently in even the harshest environments and conditions. Utilizing our proprietary elastomeric formulations and fluid technologies, we apply the most effective modulus material for each laminated section of the bearing, creating best-in-class cabin comfort while meeting the stringent requirements of helicopter dynamics and fatigue life.

Since many problems caused by rotorcraft noise, vibration and energy cannot be controlled by a single part, or set of parts, our customers look to us for effective and efficient solutions that meet their specific application requirements. They also rely on us to help get their products to market faster. Design, development, testing and production are all handled in one location and overseen by a team of engineers who consistently over-deliver and exceed expectations for our customers — ensuring our highly engineered components and solutions are delivered on time and under budget.
We have served the global aviation industry for more than 30 years, providing customized solutions that decrease noise, maintenance and installation time; increase fuel efficiency and critical component lifespan; and improve passenger comfort and aircraft performance. Ready to learn what we can do for you? Let’s connect.

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