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Dynamic Testing

Test Stand:

  • MB DYNAMICS Shaker Systems- C10E


  • Electro-Dynamic, Single-Axis

MTS 322 (Short Length Frame):

  • Model: C10E
  • Force Output: 1200 lbs. Vector
    Continuous duty sinusoidal output)
    850 lbs. rms
    (Noise testing 15-2k Hz bandwidth)
    2550 lbs. peak
    (Noise testing 15-2k Hz bandwidth)
  • Frequency Range: 5 to 3000 Hz
  • Total Table Displacement: 1 inch 
    (Double Amplitude)
  • Maximum Velocity: 70 ips
  • Mounting Table: 8” diameter outer bolt-circle

Application Software:

  • Input waveforms include:
  • Random
  • Sine wave
  • Shock
  • Resonance Dwell

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